Terms & Conditions

To comply with Ela’s Clinic’s business standards, Health and Safety Legislation, and Insurance requirements, it is important that you read, understand and agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

On booking your appointment you will be asked to confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Ela’s Clinic.

Ela’s Clinic reserves the right to amend and alter the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.



The treatments, advice and information offered by Ela’s Clinic and the Clinic staff do not replace the advice or care of medical professionals. It is advisable that you inform both your medical practitioner and any complimentary practitioners of the treatment you are undertaking at Ela’s Clinic.  Ela’s Clinic and Clinic staff should be always informed of any changes to your nutrition, supplements and medication.

It is inadvisable to change or cease medical treatment or medication without first consulting your medical professional.


Cancellation, No Show, or Late Show

Due to high appointment demand and the limited availability of appointments Ela’s Clinic has instituted a Fee Policy in cases of LATE CANCELLATIONS, NO SHOWS and LATE SHOWS that will result in the forfeit of the 30% deposit paid at the time of booking.

Any fees thus charged are non-refundable and cannot be used as credit against future treatments or any other purchases.

What counts as a LATE CANCELLATION, a NO SHOW, or a LATE SHOW?

A late cancellation, no show or late show is considered to be any scheduled appointment where the client either:

  • Cancels the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the appointment; or
  • Does not show up at all for their scheduled appointment; or
  • Arrives for their appointment 15 or more minutes later than the scheduled time.


How can you cancel your appointment?

You can cancel your appointment by:

Cancelling in person by visiting Ela’s Clinic, Longacre Lodge, Burgh Road, Orby, Lincolnshire, PE24 5HR;

‘Phoning Ela’s Clinic on 07973 168307 or 01754 811051.  If there should be no answer you may leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, appointment date and time.

Text message on 07973 168307.

Email: elasclinic@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger:  Ela’s Clinic Facebook Page.

Through your Appointment Confirmation or Appointment Reminder messages.


Payment Terms

A 30% deposit must be paid at the time of booking, with the balance payable at the time of treatment. Clients can also pay with valid GIFT VOUCHERS (Read more about these in the gift vouchers section below).

Ela’s Clinic accepts payment for goods and services by cash, debit or credit card. Cheques & Apple payments are not accepted.

American Express cards will not be accepted.


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are non-refundable, cannot be exchanged for cash and will state how long they are valid for.

All Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 MONTHS from the date of purchase unless the Voucher states differently.

Each voucher has a DUE DATE and it won’t be valid after the expiry date.

Please make sure that you bring the Gift Voucher with you, as the original Voucher has to be presented in order to claim it – no electronic or any other form of the voucher will be accepted.

Lost, damaged or stolen Gift Vouchers will not be replaced or refunded.


Promotions/ offers

All offers/promotions are limited to one offer/promotion per person.

An offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, package or discount.

All offers/ promotions can also include their own Terms & Conditions depending on the promotion or offer – please always read the promotion/offer terms & conditions.

Some offers or promotions might be subject to availability and there might be date or time restrictions.

Ela’s Clinic reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any offer or promotion without previous notification.


Policy on Children.

We regret that we are unable to allow children to remain unaccompanied in the waiting/reception area. Ela’s Clinic and Clinic staff, including front of house staff, are neither trained nor insured to look after children.

For safety reasons Ela’s Clinic clients will not be allowed to bring children into the treatment room, unless agreed differently because of exceptional circumstances.

Ela’s Clinic cannot be held responsible for any incidents or accidents that may take place when there has been failure to adhere to the above.

Under 18s Treatment

When treating clients under 18 years of age, Ela’s Clinic will need Written Consent from the Parent/Guardian before performing the treatment. Consent and Medical Assessment forms are to be filled in with the client and the parent/guardian before the treatment at the Clinic or through our online application system.


Policy on Pets

We regret that we are unable to allow any pets in the Clinic, for reasons of hygiene.


Consultation and Patch Tests and preparation for treatments.

Please be aware that before carrying out some of the treatments and services, you might need to have a consultation and patch test 24 hours before the treatment.

Some of the treatments also require specialised skin preparation 2 weeks or more before performing the procedure.

On your first visit to Ela’s Clinic please be aware that you will be asked to fill in a Consultation Form which will include some personal and medical information  (this information is strictly confidential and is kept safely – please read our Privacy Policy) to ensure we have excluded any potential risks by checking any contraindications against your medical information.

Ela’s Clinic and Clinic staff reserve the right to cancel or refuse to perform a treatment should any information come to light that was not divulged during the Consultation process.

In very exception circumstances the management reserves the right to refuse treatments.  This is at their discretion and without explanation.

Please contact Ela’s Clinic if you have any further questions regarding preparation for treatments.


Client Satisfaction

Ela’s Clinic strives to deliver the very best beauty services, giving the best results for each of their clients.  In the rare circumstance that you are not satisfied with the service or product provided by Ela’s Clinic please contact the Clinic within 24 hours after the treatment so that the situation may be rectified.


Liability Insurance

Ela Sutton is Insured by Towergate Health and Beauty – Policy Number THB 01945.

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