Redness Stop System Therapy

Redness Stop System Therapy is a support for your daily fight against vascular skin! The treatment is aimed at strengthening the blood vessels, soothing the changes, and protecting against the influence of negative exogenous and endogenous factors that may worsen the condition of your skin. It gives relief and hydration with a soothing, calming effect.

Hypersensitivity, burning, itching, and tightness often accompany vascular skin characterized by clearly visible blood vessels and tenderness. Our treatment reduces the appearance of tiny red veins due to vascular over-activity by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.  It provides support for the protective functions of the skin, strengthening the blood vessels.

Our treatment will provide your skin with relief, hydration, protection, and strength, perfectly complementing your daily routine. We recommend Redness Stop System Therapy for clients of all ages.

Duration:  70 minutes

Frequency:  Recommended either as a single beautifying treatment or as an intensive, rejuvenating course of 4 – 6 treatments.

We recommend it for…

  • all ages
  • vascular and sensitive skin
  • support for skin protective functions


  • strengthening of blood vessels
  • immediate relief and hydration of the skin


  • herpes
  • rosacea
  • any inflammation
  • viral skin diseases
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