Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of stimulating collagen fibre renewal. This method improves many signs of aging (such as crow’s feet or drooping upper eyelids), improves facial contours, and makes the epidermis more elastic.

Radio frequency skin tightening uses High Frequency RF waves of energy to selectively heat the sub-dermal connective tissues (collagen protein fibres).  This technology works by heating the skin, using a treatment head with three ‘poles’ emitting RF waves.  This targets the area immediately beneath the treatment head to a consistent depth of up to 8 mm,  RF triggers the shrinking of existing collagen tissues, giving immediate tightening and plumping. Old fibrous collagen is denatured and broken down by the body.  Fibroblasts (the cells that create collagen) are stimulated to create fresh collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin takes on a far more youthful appearance.  Over time the volume of collagen increases in a more organised structure.  This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also providing tighter and firmer feeling skin.

Our device allows us to improve skin tone and produce a lifting effect in a non-surgical way. Ultimately, the skin is tightened, its structure improves, and deep wrinkles are smoothed out. In most cases, even a single treatment is enough to achieve a spectacular effect. We recommend this treatment for everyone struggling with loose, saggy or wrinkled skin.

We recommend it for…

  • wrinkles
  • loose, saggy skin
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • crow’s feet
  • grey, tired facial skin
  • dilated blood vessels
  • flaccid skin
  • drooping eyelids


  • lifting the face and jawline
  • skin tightening
  • stimulates collagen and elastin
  • reduces fine lines
  • reduction of bags under the eyes and crow’s feet
  • collagen reconstruction
  • reduction of discolouration
  • reduction of impurities, enlarged pores and inflammation


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • metal implants
  • bacterial, viral or fungal infections
  • active cancer or in remission
  • hyperthyroidism
  • soft tissue abscesses, joints, and bones, acute osteoarthritis
  • hypertension
  • bleeding disorders, bleeding tendency
  • acute sinusitis
  • skin burn
  • botox in the last 9 months
  • 48 hours after surgery
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