Hydra-oxy Intense Therapy

Ultra-intense hydration for your skin! The skin doesn’t “breathe” as efficiently as it ages. As a result, it can become grey, matte, flaccid, and wrinkles can appear faster. Hydra-oxy Intense Therapy protects mature, tired skin from water loss. It oxygenates it and immediately improves its overall condition.

After toning, exfoliation, and massaging your face, our specialist applies Oxy skin cell activator (containing sodium hyaluronate, stem cells, urea, vitamins A and E). Then it is time to apply an Oxy Biocellulose mask that has a strong oxygenating and cleansing effect. The use of technologically advanced complexes of Hydra-oxy Intense Therapy guarantees cellular respiration at a higher level. All active ingredients used in our products also restore the skin’s proper moisture level. Thanks to this, the overall condition, microcirculation, and regeneration ability are improved. Your skin gains a healthy glow, and the symptoms of ageing are reduced.

Duration:  60 minutes

Frequency:  Recommended either as a single beautifying treatment or as an intensive, rejuvenating course of 4 – 6 treatments (interval between treatments: 7 days).

We recommend it for…

  • mature and tired skin
  • lack of firmness
  • very dry skin


  • a natural, healthy glow
  • visibly smoother, better-hydrated skin
  • reduction of any ageing symptoms
  • better microcirculation and regeneration of the skin


  • herpes
  • rosacea
  • any inflammation
  • viral diseases
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