Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

Beautiful and visibly more defined eyelashes and eyebrows for every woman! Save a lot of time each morning – you will not need any eye make-up.

Give yourself beautiful eyebrows with a shape and tint! Your brows became fuller, thicker, and much more defined using semi-permanent dye. Our professionals discuss with you your needs and propose the right colour and shape that suit your face, as well as skin tones.

An average session takes about 30 minutes. For longer lasting results, keep the eye area dry for 24 to 48 hours and after the treatment use oil-free make-up removers.

A patch test is carried out before all eyebrow and eyelash procedures.

We recommend it for…

  • naturally light eyelashes
  • thin, light or grey eyebrows
  • eyebrows with missing hairs or shape problems


  • naturally expressive look
  • visibly darker and fuller lashes
  • thicker lashes without using mascara
  • eyebrow shape and colour that suit your facial contours and features
  • no need for daily eyebrow filling
  • best results last for about 4 to 6 weeks


  • hypersensitive eyes or skin
  • allergies to any dye ingredients
  • skin diseases
  • eye disorders or diseases such as stye, conjunctivitis or blepharitis
  • swelling, bruising or sunburn around the eye area
  • watery eye
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