Eyebrow shape & tint

Get the eyebrows you have always wanted! With the complex shape and tint your eyebrows become visibly fuller, thicker, and much more defined. Say goodbye to your pencils or growing serums and say hello to perfect eyebrows without any make-up. Every visit starts with a consultation with our specialist who proposes the colour and eyebrow shape that will suit your face. Then, we remove any unwanted hairs and apply Vaseline to prevent any skin staining. Now it is time for a final dye. We apply a semi-permanent dye to your brow hairs. It always suits the colour of your hair and skin tones.

An average session takes about 15 minutes. After the visit, we recommend avoiding getting your eyebrows wet for 12 hours. To maintain colour, we suggest repeating the process every four to six weeks.

A patch test is carried out before all eyebrow procedures

We recommend it for…

  • thin and light eyebrows
  • grey eyebrow hairs
  • eyebrows with missing hairs or shape problems


  • eyebrow shape and colour that suit your facial contours and features
  • multiple hairs removed from the root at once
  • visibly darker and fuller eyebrows
  • no need for daily eyebrow filling
  • best results last for about 4 to 6 weeks


  • hypersensitive eyes or skin
  • allergies to any dye ingredients
  • skin diseases
  • eye diseases such as stye or blepharitis
  • bruising
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