DNA Protection Therapy

Fight the visible consequences of oxidative stress! This therapy comprehensively protects the DNA code of mature skin. Our facial treatment combines natural ingredients with modern biotechnology achievements. The complexes used in the recipes, including Anti-Pollution Oil Complex, Triple VitC System, and Antioxidant Complex, guarantee an effective anti-ageing effect long after the therapy.

The treatment protects the skin from external factors and results in detoxification, reduction in signs of photo-aging, and renewal of healthy glow. It has a strong antioxidant effect, which helps with the protection of your cellular DNA skin code.  The final soothing mask contains charcoal, kaolin, and zinc. Your skin will be clean with visibly minimized pores. We recommend DNA Protection Therapy for all skin types, but especially mature skins showing the first wrinkles.

Duration:  45 – 60 minutes

Frequency:  Recommended either as a single beautifying treatment or as an intensive, rejuvenating course of 4 – 6 treatments.

We recommend it for…

  • any type of skin with fine wrinkles
  • structural and mimic wrinkles
  • dull and tired skin
  • enlarged pores


  • total anti-aging care with intensive skin regeneration
  • moisturizing tired skin
  • smoothing out of mimic wrinkles
  • strong antioxidant effect
  • protection of the skin’s DNA code


  • herpes
  • rosacea
  • any inflammation
  • viral diseases
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