Russian Volume light

Russian Volume light is a lighter and slightly less spectacular lash extension than the full Russian Volume lash effect. It adds the “volume” look but with no weight on your natural lashes. With this technique, our qualified specialist applies a few synthetic false lash extensions onto one of your natural lashes. Russian Volume Lashes are made from the same fibres as classic lashes. However, they are much thinner than classical ones, so we are able to apply more than one to each of your natural lashes.

The attached lashes behave like natural hairs – they are light and comfortable, resistant to water, tears, and cosmetics. We use the most delicate eyelashes available, so the effect is not overloaded. Totally convenient, with a beautiful effect for the next few weeks!

Russian Volume light extensions are safe for your eyes and do not have any negative effect on the condition of your natural lashes. To keep the effect longer, we recommend that you avoid rubbing them for 2 hours after the treatment. After your visit to the clinic avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 48 hours.  You must not swim or use a sauna for the same period of time. After that, gently wash your eyelashes daily, and brush them carefully. With Russian Volume Light extensions do not use mascara or oil-based make-up removers. To avoid a patchy look as the eyelashes grow, we would recommend an infill, 2 to 3 weeks after a visit.

A patch test is carried out before all eyelash procedures.

We recommend it for…

  • women who like a very expressive effect
  • special occasions such as weddings or proms
  • naturally quite thin eyelashes or barely visible lashes


  • 3 ultra-fine extensions applied on one natural lash
  • the effect of spectacularly thick eyelashes
  • more open eye with “doll” effect
  • curls and lifts lashes from the roots
  • visibly longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes
  • saves time during make-up


  • hypersensitive eyes or skin
  • infectious diseases such as stye, conjunctivitis or blepharitis
  • bad eyelash condition
  • swelling, bruising or sunburn around the eye area
  • hair loss
  • if you have a nervous habit of pulling out your eyelashes
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