Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lashes offer you varied texture and more volume. They give your lashes a more dense look than Classic lashes, but without the uniformity and dramatic look of the typical Russian Volume lashes. This mixture of 70% Classic and 30% Volume lashes gives you the best of both worlds. They are great for anyone with naturally fine or slightly gappy lashes, as Volume fans can be placed in sparser areas to make the lash line look fuller.

The entire process takes between 2 to 5 hours. To keep the effect longer we recommend that you avoid rubbing the lashes for at least 2 hours after the treatment. After your visit to the Clinic avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 48 hours. Don’t swim or use a sauna for the same period of time. After that you should gently wash your eyelashes and carefully brush them every day. With Hybrid extensions do not use mascara or oil-based make-up removers. To avoid a patchy look as the eyelashes grow, we would recommend an infill 2 to 3 weeks after a visit.

A patch test is carried out before all eyelash procedures.

We recommend it for…

  • those who don’t have particularly thick lashes, or have lashes with gaps
  • those who are torn between the Classic and Volume looks
  • those who love the Kim Kardashian look


  • great day and night look
  • they suit everyone
  • creates a wonderfully textured appearance
  • adds some length
  • 2D-3D eyelash fans will give you lashes you can’t stop looking at!


  • hypersensitive eyes or skin
  • infectious diseases such as stye, conjunctivitis or blepharitis
  • bad eyelash condition
  • swelling, bruising or sunburn around the eye area
  • hair loss
  • if you have a nervous habit of pulling out your eyelashes
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